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We all know accidents happen. Did your teenager borrow the car and get a little too close to the drive thru window? We can fix it. Have you come out from work, only to find someone has hit your car in the parking lot and left? We can fix it. Have you told your kids a hundred times to stop riding their bike next to your car, and they didn't listen, and left you a nasty scratch? We can fix it.

Minor Collision Repair

Sand & Spray

~ Hood

~ Roof

​~ Trunk / Tailgate

~ Mirrors / Door Handles

~ Doors & Panels

~ Rust Repair

~ Rocker Panels 

** Specialize in repairing rust on lower rear cab of Chevrolet and GMC pick-up trucks. **

~ Remove & Install New OEM Part (If Possible)

​~ Paint OEM Part & Blend Surrounding Panels

R&I Repair

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